Ceragon Networks™ is a pacesetter in broadband wireless networking, enabling quick and cost-effective high-capacity connectivity. As a global leader in the high-capacity wireless market, Ceragon’s FibeAir™ systems support multiple applications, including metropolitan access, cellular backhaul and private networks.

Small Cell Hauling

As mobile operators look to small-cell deployments to extend coverage and boost capacity to meet the growing demand for data mobility, Ceragon offers small-cell backhaul solutions that operate cost-effectively today and are remotely expandable to meet tomorrow’s needs.

  • FibeAir® 2500 - All-outdoor, PtMP packet solution for deployment in licensed and license-exempt sub-6GHz bands. Supports near/non-LoS deployment.

  • FibeAir® 2000 - Compact and cost-optimized designed for near/non-LoS deployments in dense urban and rural areas.

  • Packet/Hybrid Microwave

    Ceragon's FibeAir high-capacity carrier-grade wireless backhaul product series combines TDM with Ethernet to provide smooth evolution to advanced, packet-based radio performance. Facilitating cost effective, risk-free migration to IP/Ethernet, it can be integrated in any TDM, hybrid or pure IP/Ethernet network delivering the highest capacity solutions according to evolving network requirements.

  • FibeAir® IP-20G - Hybrid, split-mount hauling solution for edge and ring nodes. High capacity over 4-86GHz. Support for TDM with cost-effective migration to packet.

  • FibeAir® IP-20GX - High-reliability, superb QoE in a modular, hybrid, split-mount

  • FibeAir® IP-20N - Modular aggregation node that supports any radio technology mix. Future-proof, highly scalable and modular with up to 10 radio carriers in 2RU.

  • FibeAir® IP-20C - A new standard in microwave transmission combining multi-core radio technology, 2048QAM & LoS 4x4 MIMO to deliver 1Gbps over a channel.

  • FibeAir® IP-20S - All-outdoor backhaul solution for access sites. Compact and environmentally friendly with cost-effective path to future network requirements.

  • FibeAir® IP-20E - Compact, integrated, outdoor wireless node, delivering secure and cost-effective transport in E-Band for inter-macro site connectivity

  • CeraOS - Common OS across the entire IP-20 platform with complete set of service-centric features and performance-boosting capabilities.

  • FibeAir® IP-10G - A flexible hybrid (TDM and IP) solution for evolving networks. High capacity, low latency, sync options, redundancy, high system gain.

  • FibeAir® IP-10E - An optimal and flexible all-packet solution with high capacity, low latency, synchronization, redundancy, high system gain and more.

  • Long Haul/Trunk

    The Evolution Long Haul IP trunk solution is an economical alternative to fiber optic lines. Easy to deploy and maintain, the solution offers highly reliable, ultra-long distance, point-to-point transmission enhanced with load sharing of traffic among all available wireless links. The solution combines Ethernet microwave technology with link aggregation enabling operators to scale bandwidth up to multiple-gigabit Ethernet wireless links.

  • FibeAir® IP-20LH - Versatile high-power radio solution for long-distance, high-capacity telecom networks. Provides smooth migration from legacy TDM to IP.

  • Evolution IP-20LH - The long-distance, multi-carrier microwave radio solution for high-capacity telecommunication networks. No SPoF design.

  • PointLink - Long-haul radios, gyro-stabilized antennas provide persistent connectivity. Better capacity and latency than VSAT. ATEX-certified.

  • Network Management System

    Ceragon's advanced network management system combines complete network visibility with easy Operation, Administration and Management (OAM). Intuitive, easy to learn and tailorable to evolving business needs, NMS provides comprehensive management services for short- and long-haul networks. North-bound interfaces are included for seamless integration with external OSS and BSS systems.

  • NetMaster - NetMaster is a comprehensive Network Management System (NMS) designed for managing large-scale microwave networks.

  • Site Products

    Ceragon's product suite includes a wealth of site products for rapid, cost-effective and accurate deployment, efficient power utilization and operation in difficult environments. We specialize in superior design, light construction and simplified logistics for easy installation and migration to new technologies.

  • SA Tower - SA Tower is a lightweight self-supporting tower, with a superior construction designed to carry heavy antenna loads and operate in most severe conditions.

  • Power Solutions - Power systems cover the entire range of application areas within the telecommunications industry.

  • FibeAir Outdoor Enclosure - Ceragon FibeAir Outdoor Enclosure allows operators to set up complete wireless backhaul networks in all-outdoor environments using a multi-unit design ideal for any pole-mount, wall or roof-top installation

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