MRV Communications is a global leader in converged packet and optical solutions that empower the optical edge. For more than two decades, the most demanding service providers, Fortune 1000 companies and governments worldwide have trusted MRV to provide best-in-class solutions and services for their mission-critical networks. We help our customers overcome the challenge of orchestrating the ever-increasing need for capacity while improving service delivery and lowering network costs for critical applications such as cloud connectivity, high-capacity business services, mobile backhaul and data center connectivity.
MRV Communications is a global supplier of packet and optical solutions that power the world’s largest networks. Their products combine innovative hardware with intelligent software to make networks smarter, faster and more efficient.

Their comprehensive portfolio of field-proven packet and optical products, along with decades of experience and established relationships with communications service providers, positions MRV as a leading vendor in optical networking convergence.

Carrier Ethernet

MRV's OptiSwitch family is an award-winning line of compact MEF Certified Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) service demarcation and 1st mile aggregation platforms designed to meet any Carrier Ethernet network requirement. Powered by single and unified Master-OS operating software, the OptiSwitch series ranges from the OS900 converged Layer 2 & Layer 3 Ethernet service demarcation to the OS9000 high-density 10GE packet-optical aggregation platforms.

OptiSwitch products are deployed in world’s most prominent Tier-1 networks offering service providers a full suite of carrier-grade Ethernet services along with high-availability, Hierarchical Quality of Service (H-QoS), security, Ethernet operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) support, and TDM circuit emulation services.

The comprehensive selection of hardware-based and multi-layer OAM features and tools offers flexible service awareness and enables rigid SLAs. OptiSwitch products meet IEEE, ITU, IETF standards and MEF specifications, offering complete control to simplify deployment and management while maintaining full interoperability and visibility into customer and provider networks.

OptiSwitch is fully compliant and certified with MEF CE 2.0 specifications that will enable service providers to transform their metro networks for a wide range of next-generation services from the growing 4G and LTE mobile backhaul requirements to creating differentiated L2, L3, IP/MPLS and MPLS VPN Business Ethernet services. MRV’s Pro-Vision®, Service Provisioning and Network Management system, further enriches the OptiSwitch CE 2.0 solution by enabling service creation with zero-touch mass deployment with rapid service turn-up.

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OptiPacket® is a member of MRV’s comprehensive packet transport portfolio. Metro networks continue to expand and require more intelligent high-density and capacity aggregation with focus on 10G and 100G packet switched services. This unique proposition opens new market segments in the Metro Service Edge that enables a broader solution to our customers' needs while providing more strategic value with end-to-end solutions for smaller service providers and carriers. OptiPacket upgrades our solution from the metro access market to the metro service edge market. Our strategy is to combine a broader metro solution that extends from OptiSwitch in the access domain to OptiPacket in the metro service aggregation domain to OptiDriver in the optical transport domain, all provisioned and manageable with our Pro-Vision® service orchestration and management software. The OptiPacket series is a carrier-class, high capacity provider edge aggregator positioned for high capacity aggregation needed for next-gen Metro networks. The new OptiPacket® (OP-X models) combines the field-proven technology and expertise of MRV’s optical and packet product families into an all-in-one, highly flexible, intelligent architecture. Our vision is to help service providers to simplify and converge their networks, by optimizing the platform for new dynamic services and integration with our optical products. MRV is enabling service providers to seamlessly deliver multi-layer services over the same metro service edge. This, along with the solution’s industry-leading bandwidth capacity, port density, and power efficiency makes it easier for service providers to manage unpredictable bandwidth demand and create a strong foundation for Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and consequently enable highly beneficial metro network transformation.

Capitalizing on the latest innovations in packet and virtualized technologies, OptiPacket® platform offers outstanding efficiency and intelligence to support ultra-high-density 10Gbps and 100 Gbps services. Service providers are able to deploy the OptiPacket® platform as a packet-optimized solution in high-capacity mega POPs for metro aggregation applications, or utilize it as an access platform for SLA-based 100G Carrier Ethernet demarcation services. The flexibility of the OptiPacket® platform is fully maximized when used as a converged packet-optical solution with MRV's OptiDriver® optical transport products and combined under the same orchestration and management software, Pro-Vision®, according to a service provider’s network demands.

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OptiDriver™ is the most recent addition to MRV’s comprehensive family of advanced optical transport network elements. Designed to offer the industry’s highest density 10Gbps transport, with more than 80 wavelengths in only 10RU, OptiDriver is engineered to support the latest advances in optical technologies, including intelligent ROADM networks and 100Gbps transport.

OptiDriver is designed from the ground up to reduce capital and operational expenses. A flexible shelf and component architecture dramatically lowers initial and ongoing hardware costs, simplifies operations, and minimizes power and space requirements. Multifunction hardware allows a minimum number of components to serve the maximum variety of applications, including Ethernet, OTN, TDM, Fibre Channel, ESCON/FICON, Infiniband, and others. Built-in testing and rapid turn up features lower the operational cost of installation and significantly decrease time to revenue.

OptiDriver is fully integrated into MRV’s advanced Pro-Vision® service provisioning and management platform, which operates seamlessly in a mixed network of MRV’s Optical and Carrier Ethernet systems. Built-in processing support for current and emerging intelligent control plane technologies like GMPLS and Software Defined Networking allows OptiDriver to quickly integrate into new and existing networks.

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Fiber Driver

MRV's Fiber Driver® is an award-winning optical multi-service product line that offers a full range of solutions including high density 10GE connectivity, DWDM, CWDM, optical amplification, fiber optimization, distance extension, optical demarcation and media conversion, as well as many unique single-strand applications. It is a fully modular product series that integrates a wide range of optical transport modules for any interface or protocol hosted in selection of chassis sizes for simple and flexible operations.

Fiber Driver delivers the industry’s highest 10Gbps density and smallest form factor while consuming 45% to 60% less power than alternative optical transport systems. For mission-critical financial applications, Fiber Driver offers industry’s lowest latency along all other advantages, forming one of the best and cost effective solutions in the market. Extraordinary application flexibility, density, and power efficiency make the Fiber Driver a natural choice for any enterprise, data and collocation center, wholesale carrier/MSO or utility and municipal network. The Fiber Driver architecture covers virtually every current networking protocol from T1/E1 and Digital Video to 10Gbps and 40Gbps solutions. It holds a record Telecommunications Equipment Energy Efficiency Rating (TEEER) score of 10.55 for power efficiency rating in a fully loaded chassis.

Fiber Driver High-Density 10G Transport Solution has been recognized by TMC, a global, integrated media company, for exceptional innovation in advancing communications, which granted 2012 TMC Labs Innovation Award, as well as a 2012 NGN Leadership Award—both accolades honor products that display innovation, unique features and significant contributions toward improving communications technology.

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Physical Layer Switches

MRV's physical layer switches are scalable, OSI layer 1 switches that allows users to connect any port to any other port within the system using a non-blocking matrix. The Media Cross Connect is an optical/electrical/optical (OEO) switch used for data rates and media up to 10Gbps. The Optical Cross Connect is an all optical (OOO) switch for single mode fiber rates up to 100Gbps. Deploying these switches in a lab environment allows test commitments to be met without compromising quality or responsiveness, or increasing capital or operational expenses.

  • Logical Cable Management — Using software commands allows non-blocking, any port to any other port, bidirectional or unidirectional mappings. The MCC allows one to any multi-point broadcast mapping.
  • Increased Lab Efficiency and Productivity — Topologies can be changed and stored using a web-based GUI, or by using a industry-standard interface, tests and topologies can be scripted and executed 24/7. Inventory management/tracking is simplified as equipment is not physically moved to perform tests.
  • Decrease Capital Expenditures — By sharing expensive test equipment and fixed test beds, capital equipment costs can be minimized without compromising capabilities.
  • Modular Architecture — The MCC is available in 72, 144 and 288 port configurations that support any protocol or media within a single chassis. All service blades are interchangeable and hot swappable between the chassis types.
  • Wire-Once Technology — Once the lab network and equipment is connected to the MCC or OCC, all connections and configurations are done using software commands. Changing a test topology is accomplished by a simple mouse click.
  • Wide Range of Data Rates and Media Types — The MCC supports protocols from T3/E3 to Fibre Channel to 10 Gig Ethernet. Different media types, including copper cable and pluggable transceivers via SFPs are supported in the same chassis. The OCC96 supports single mode fiber data rates to up to 100Gbps.
  • Media Conversion — With the MCC, mapping a copper input to a fiber output eliminates the need for standalone converters and maximizes the use of test equipment equipped with one type of connection.

Console Servers

The LX Series Console Servers support 4, 8, 16, 32 or 48 RS232 serial ports with an optional v.92 modem, dual Ethernet, and multiple AC/DC power options. Rich security and management features are supported, in addition to distributed clustering, sophisticated automation capabilities, very strong encryption, and U.S. government FIPS 140-2 security certification.

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Power Management

The LX Power Control Series provides the ability to enable or disable power to managed devices, to reset equipment, enhance troubleshooting, enable redundant equipment, or control power access. The Trigger/Action feature of the LX Series allows site administrators and lab personnel to easily automate power, physical and security infrastructure control. This feature not only enhances troubleshooting but also allows managers to reduce utilities costs by turning off unused equipment extending equipment life span and reducing cooling costs.

  • Power cycle individual power outlets to remotely reboot servers and network devices, anywhere in the world
  • High Power Distribution: 120V, 208V, 240V and three-phase power options. 20 or 30-Amp power input feed
  • Horizontal and Vertical Mounting Options: 8 port horizontal with 16 or 24 outlet vertical mounting models
  • Power-up Sequencing: Prevent an in-rush power overload
  • Input Current Monitor: Measure the aggregate current draw on each power circuit monitor using LED digital display or remotely
  • Automated alerts though SNMP and email notifications
  • Group outlets by name, within a unit, or across multiple units

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