DAS Professional Services

Pacific Services Inc is Telecommunication Solutions Company with extensive experience in cellular network infrastructure and field deployments. As suppliers of Narrow Band and Channel Selective Repeaters to various markets that need Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile coverage, we know exactly what parameters cell phone repeaters and signal boosters need to meet for seamless network integration.

In recent times, several sub-standard brands with their apparent lack of experience in cellular communications are supplying repeaters and other cellular equipment solutions with 75 (ohms) RG6 cable tv coax. This coax is used simply because it's cheap to source. However, all cellular equipment including antennas, splitters, repeaters, combiners, etc., operate at 50 (ohms). Why is this an issue? Well, this impedance mismatch between the coax and equipment will increase the VSWR value (Vertical Standing Wave Radio); or, in simple terms, it will decrease how efficient the signal flows between the components, causing a high level of signal reflection.

Signal reflection will not only affect the true potential voice quality of the call, but will also drastically reduce the life span of your product. In a few short years, you would be out looking for a replacement. RG6 coax is NOT designed for cellular applications. Don't be misguided to believe otherwise as it will cost you more in the long run. Remember you get what you pay for!

We bring engineering expertise directly to the customer and design solutions that integrate seamlessly with the operator's networks.

Site Survey and Planning
We are responsible for cellular site surveying and the overall project. We offer our expertise in support of the planning phase for in-building wireless engagement including requirements gathering, carrier coordination and other tasks required to get a project off the ground.

Design Services
Our experts utilize iBwave design software coupled with our experience and judgement to produce detailed designs for high performing cost effective systems.

Pacific Services technical support and DAS engineering team will provide our installers with support and documentation required for a quality in building installation with respect to performance, product line, and maintainability.

Project Management
Project Management is the prime responsibility of our company and we offer support during all phases from requirements gathering to close out.

Commissioning and Optimization
We will fully support the system commissioning either on site or remotely in order to ensure that the system is delivering the required performance. On site commissioning assistance is usually accompanied by customer training and a means of remote support.

We offer complementary product training for our customers and ongoing design and commissioning assistance as carrier requirements change.

System Montoring and Field Support
The in building solutions provided have extensive monitoring capabilities that enable us to offer the Maintenance and Monitoring Program. Under this program Pacific Services will monitor the cellular system, respond to issues, and dispatch assistance if necessary, in accordance with established response times and protocols.

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