Outdoor Wireless, WiFi, WiMax, Wireless Hot Spots, Multi-Point Wireless, Point-to-Point Wireless, Near Line of Sight, Network Video Cameras, IP Video, Video Encoders, Video Management, and Solar Power for remote installations.

IP Video Surveillance
We offer remote digital video wireless surveillance equipment which can be utilized in a wide range of applications and configurations including complex systems which require multiple fixed and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera control at various distances. Pacific Datacom's Ethernet video products are compatible with all major cameras and PTZ drivers and are FCC and Industry Canada certified for license-exempt operation.

Paicific Datacom Systems provides wireless surveillance solutions for both digital IP-based applications as well as analog wireless video applications for surveillance and data transmission.

Applications for Remote Wireless IP Video Surveillance

  • Ethernet Digital Video and CCTV surveillance
  • Digital Networked Video Conferencing
  • Freeway and City Traffic Monitoring
  • Military Installation Perimeter Security
  • Citywide Municipal Surveillance
  • Homeland Security Applications
  • Public Safety Parks Monitoring
  • Construction Site Monitoring
  • Remote Industrial Plant SCADA Monitoring
  • Campus/Business Remote Cameras
We offer Wireless and IP Video Systems from the following manufacturers:

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